Let us simplify your business

Frinab provides cables, cabling and components that we customize upon request. We develop cost effective solutions used in the manufacturing industry. We simplify the everyday business.

Smart Cabling Solutions

We provide cables and components in the voltage range 12-500 volts for the manufacturing industry. There is a range of products that we can prefabricate to achieve maximum efficiency and profit for you as a customer. Streamline your production by allowing us to deliver smart solutions.

Cables on Request

Frinab customize cable in desired lengths, scaling and with the right connectors. We stock all types of cables used in the modern lighting industry. Textile cable, silicone cable, halogen-free cables, low-voltage cable, cord-sets, etc.

Two new textiles

Two new textiles

Introducing a new lighter shade of grey in the Frinab color range. This grey has been requested from several customers and we are now happy to be able to offer it. We also have a new…

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We know textile cord

Frinab have produced textile cords for more than twenty years. The cords are produced in requested lengths with components from selected European suppliers as well as our own manufacturing. Below you will find our Textile Cords, Components, and Cable List. If you want more information please don't hesitate to contact us!

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